Sola De Ouro

A Nossa Empresa

A company dedicated to the future

SOLA DE OURO is dedicated to the development and manufacture of prefabricated soles, having the know-how and means to offer the best products in accordance with the client’s objectives, always working with a view to respecting the environment.



Sola de Ouro is aware of all its responsibilities in relation to the environment and, to this end, is committed to following an environmental policy together with all its partners. business. To this end, we prioritize suppliers who play a conscious role in their environmental practices.

That being said, we urge you to take the aspects mentioned below into consideration.

  • All materials and chemical products to be supplied to Sola de Ouro must comply with the REACH Regulation.
  • Additionally, other, more restricted criteria may be requested.
  • Chemical product suppliers must make their respective Safety Data Sheets available and, whenever possible, use products that are less aggressive to health and the environment;</li >
  • Suppliers must act in accordance with the principles of environmental precaution, taking the initiative to ensure the promotion of greater environmental responsibility;
  • We call for appropriate waste management, with special attention to hazardous waste and its emissions that cannot be illegally dumped or discharged into the environment; li>
  • They must have conditions that allow preventing the occurrence of fires or other emergency situations. If they occur, they must have means of response and containment in order to minimize their impact;
  • Generally comply with applicable Environmental Legislation.