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A Company Dedicated to the Future

SOLA DE OURO is dedicated to the development and manufacture of prefabricated soles, having the know-how and means to offer the best products in accordance with customer objectives, always working with a view to respecting the environment.


Sola de Ouro has been dedicated, for 30 years, to the development and manufacture of prefabricated soles. We have the knowledge and means to provide the best articles, always in accordance with the client’s objectives, working from a perspective of respect for the environment.

In this sense, Sola de Ouro recognizes the responsibility that the company assumes towards its employees and business partners and the need for continuous improvement.
That being said, we are committed to complying with the standards mentioned below:

  • Create and maintain relationships with our partners, employees, suppliers and other interested parties, which are based on business practices based on trust and benefit for both parties;
  • Achieve customer satisfaction levels and needs;
  • Provide our employees with adequate working conditions, including the prevention of work accidents, occupational diseases and health protection;
  • Motivate and adequately train employees, so that they carry out their activities with high standards of performance and quality;
  • Promote the adoption of good environmental practices among employees, suppliers and subcontractors;
  • Protect the environment, in order to minimize the Environmental Aspects and Impacts resulting from its activity, assuming an important role in prevention and environmental sustainability;
  • Ensure compliance with legislation, regulations and requirements applicable to the activity as well as others to which it voluntarily adheres;
  • Promote continuous improvement of the implemented management system, so that processes achieve their objectives with maximum effectiveness and efficiency, in order to improve their environmental performance and article quality.

Last update date: April 29, 2024.