Sola De Ouro


Prefabricated soles can be made from a single material – p. ex. leather – or the combination of various materials – p. ex. leather and micro – and finished in various ways. Therefore, there is greater versatility in creating soles with various designs, from the most classic to the most differentiating, and the quality demanded by the footwear industry.

The company has a team of professionals who guarantee a personalized and adjusted service in order to respond to the customer’s requirements and needs.

It is in the modeling process that we develop the various lines of soles for our customers – children, women and men – according to the intended purpose.
From design to scale, everything is done down to the smallest detail, respecting the physical needs of the final product and following market trends.


Given the growing demands of the market, its use has been increasingly recurrent – ​​markings, logos, images – add to the aesthetic side of the soles..



Beyond the national territory, currently the delivery of goods is extended to other countries of the European Union.

The end result?

Soles with design and quality.